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Early Deadline: before March 25
-Feature film: US $ 12
– Short Film: US $ 10
-Web series: US $ 10
-Music video: US $ 10
April Deadline: before April 26
– Feature film: US $ 12
– Short Film: US $ 10
-Web series: US $ 10
-Music video: US $ 10
May Deadline: before May 27
– Feature film: US $ 14
– Short Film: US $ 11
-Web series: US $ 11
-Music video: US $ 11
June Deadline: before June 26
– Feature film: US $ 14
– Short Film: US $ 12
-Web series: US $ 12
-Music video: US $ 12
July Deadline: before July 28
– Feature film: US $ 14
– Short Film: US $ 12
-Web series: US $ 12
-Music video: US $ 12
August Deadline: before August 26
– Feature film: US $ 15
– Short Film: US $ 13
-Web series: US $ 13
-Music video: US $ 13
September Deadline: before September 28
– Feature film: US $ 16
– Short Film: US $ 14
-Web series: US $ 14
-Music video: US $ 14
October Deadline: before October 20
– Feature film: US $ 16
– Short Film: US $ 15
-Web series: US $ 15
-Music video: US $ 15


– Any national or foreign filmmaker who wishes to do so may participate.

– The theme of the films is completely free and can be of any genre.

– Films will be presented in original language. Short films not spoken in Portuguese should have subtitles or transcription of dialogues in Portuguese, English or Spanish.

– Types of movies:

  • – Short films: less than 35 minutes
  • – Feature films: more than 36 minutes
  • -Web series: less than 60 minutes per chapter
  • -Music video: less than 25 minutes

-Competitive genres:






-The film will be presented in digital format.

-The organization will be in charge of selecting among the enrolled the films that will participate in the competition. All films must make the registration through the platforms of authorized festivals or directly to the account of the festival.

-Jury and  Prizes: The jury will be composed of 3 professionals from the national and national cinematographic mediums and will award the prizes, in addition to the honorable mentions they deem appropriate.

Best Narrative Short film

Best Documentary Short Film

Best Experimental Short Film

Best Animation Short Film

Best LGBT Short Film

Best Horror Short Film

Best Narrative Feature film

Best Documentary Feature film

Best  LGBT Feature Film

Best Horror Feature film

Best Web Series

Best Music Video

– The prizes of each category will be announced in the media of the festival including social networks and web page.

– The producers and directors of the films that have been selected and awarded, undertake to mention this in all publicity and press material, respecting the exact wording of the jury’s decision and using the Festival’s official laurel.

– The inscription of a film means the acceptance of the present regulation.

-Notification: The official selection of the festival will be held on October 25; Will be informed by email to the selected, as well as the general public through the social networks and the festival web.

– The participants in this show accept each and every one of the points that form the basis of this edition of the festival.